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About AXON Ghost Sentinel

AXON Ghost Sentinel creates new technology based on swarm intelligence and advanced peer-to-peer processing techniques that can protect phones, computers, cars, and more. The technology can detect and stop threats as they happen without draining device battery life or interfering with how consumers use their devices.

The number of devices that connect to the Internet is growing - phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators, energy meters, insulin pumps, door locks and more. These smart devices are making us more comfortable and efficient but also making us more vulnerable. When hacked, these devices become backdoors to your personal information, intellectual property, and safety.

Our first product - the Carnica™ Mobile Security application - protects and helps you manage your Android phones and tablets without draining battery life or interfering with how you use your device.

Carnica™ alerts you when it detects malicious activity and can even take preemptive action to protect you. With Carnica™, you no longer have to worry about where your device is, whether somebody is stealing your information, secretly monitoring your conversations, or infecting other devices in your network.

The Challenge

Criminals and malicious actors are hacking into new smart devices from cars to baby monitors to harass, hurt, and steal information. Criminals now have the ability to hack into a smart device such as a home automation system and hijack it to gain entry into wi-fi networks and computers. This creates numerous opportunities for stealing valuable company, financial and personal information.

AXON Ghost Sentinel needed a reliable mobile development partner to design user experience, build an iOS solution and manage the lifecycle of the app in the Apple App Store for AGS Carnica, the company's flagship mobile security product. The desired outcome was to create mobile technology as a solution that can protect all types of iOS smart devices (no matter how tiny they are) and also help clients understand smart device behavior and usage under various circumstances.

Why Movel

AXON Ghost Sentinel needed the ability to tap into iOS system resources to gather operating system parameters, related to the usage of an iOS device. The main function of the app is to detect and prevent malicious attacks by collecting usage information and using swarm intelligence scientific research to gain insights into the threat models that may exist. The organization considered other enterprise mobile development companies, but ultimately chose Movel because of the flexibility, time to market and the complete application lifecycle management of its mobile security and development offerings.

Additionally, AXON Ghost Sentinel chose Movel, because of its track record in building reliable, performant native apps for the iOS platform. Movel uses the latest tools and technologies, including Apple Swift and an array of open source and proprietary third-party libraries. The client and server infrastructure set up by Movel included a plan for redundancy and high availability. "We needed a fast-moving team to build a solid first version of our product and that's what Movel delivered." says CTO, Hugh Brooks. "Having launched Android, earlier this year, we raced against time and Movel brought the right balance between agility, flexibility agains evolving requirements and superb execution from the user experience to the application lifecycle management."

The Benefits

Partnering with Movel enabled AXON Ghost Sentinel to be more flexible and agile, even with tight deadlines. "Time to market is extremely important to us", Brooks says. "Movel took the task of creating an iOS app and that saved us valuable time. Movel was flexible and easy to work with and they were able to stand up a team and start coding in almost no time. This provided us the luxury to make platform decisions and gave us back more time to innovate."

AXON Ghost Sentinel also leveraged Movel for key architectural design decisions for the platform. "Movel engineers and designers understood our business and our goals - the whole team did a great job of keeping us abreast of what changes to expect, and how various choices we make could impact the product and the release schedule." Brooks says. "There were no gotchas or last minute discoveries. Every detail was taken care of and the app as a whole worked according to spec. They’ve helped us with everything from designing an iOS Human Interface Design User Experience, to the architectural support for our Hosted Mobile Back End Service to troubleshooting why a device doesn’t collect data the way we expect it to. They even went further and offered suggestions based on the server model that were clearly based on their deep understanding of the iOS platform constraints and limitations and taught us a better way of how to use these platform features."

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