Non-Profit Organizations: Modern technology for mission-critical applications

When your technology simply needs to work and perform as hard as your employees and volunteers and you don't have the option to fail, rely on Movel's proven web and mobile solutions to connect you with customers, patients, impact zones, and constituents.

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Technology Solutions for Mission-Driven Non-Profit Organizations

Web and mobile technology solutions from Movel enable non-profit organizations to better fulfill their mission by providing web and mobile apps, technology infrastructure, training and technical support.

New innovative technologies and solutions from Movel deliver greater value by enabling better mission delivery for non-profit organizations. Serve more clients, reach hard-to-reach impact zones, connect better with members, help more constituents by using mobile and web technology from Movel. In addition to on-premise implementations, deploy enabling mobile apps quickly and flexibly in the cloud.

Learn how Movel can transform your organization.

How does Movel technology help non-profit organizations?

Serve more clients

Technology solutions from Movel help non-profit organizations reach more clients with convenient web and mobile applications.

Improve fundraising

Increase fundraising revenues by tapping into a more diverse and mobile donor base through innovative solutions from Movel.

Increase awareness

Use technology as an enabler to educate the community and raise awareness on critical issues that impact them.

Recruit more volunteers

Movel solutions take advantage of the immediacy of mobile and web technology to attract and recruit more volunteers.

Attract new board members

Modern targeting technology from Movel allows you to reach new audiences and recruit board members more effectively.

Organize more successful events

With responsive web and mobile technology from Movel, your events will fill faster and become more engaging for attendees.

What are the benefits?

Innovative web and mobile technologies and solutions from Movel help non-profit organizations by enabling:
  • Reach more clients through improved technology presence
  • Respond quickly to events, natural disasters, safety issues and security alarms
  • Establish and maintain high-touch relationships with clients and donors
  • Increase the number and quality of services
  • Organize better events, with fewer resources
  • Educate the public and raise awareness through online and mobile education applications

Why Movel?

Movel is uniquely positioned to help non-profit organizations gain competitive advantage and reduce operational costs by building modern, performant and secure non-profit web and mobile applications. Our enterprise apps run on cost-effective public or private cloud infrastructure, and are secured by the industry's top encryption and data protection standards. We offer what other application development providers can’t: Deep skills and expertise. With more than 100 years of combined software experience in the design, development, deployment and securing of enterprise applications, we have the confidence to deliver your next important project.

Key facts


Higher reach

With mobile technology, non-profit organizations are able to serve a higher number of customers.


Less IT budgets

Compared to traditional solutions, Movel's suite of enterprise web and mobile non-profit products require less investment upfront and smaller ongoing maintenance.

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