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User Experience for Landing Pages

Here some practical advice for startups looking to improve their landing page conversion rates: Focus on your user experience. Let's face it, we're all human and would like to feel at home, whether we're on your home page or your lead capture page. And most of the time, we'll be browsing on a mobile device.

Due to the form factor of mobile and desktop devices, it's critical that various landing pages be optimized for the best viewing performance on all devices. This can be done through the usage of responsive HTML, which ensures that a startup's page will be shown accurately for all devices types. Better yet, jump in and use a proven responsive framework such as Bootstrap and you'll be good to go.

When first launched, in a true lean startup fashion, our site was not fully responsive. After some digging in over the Google Analytics reports, we discovered that 40% of our visitors used mobile devices. Which meant that none of our 20+ landing pages were converting visitors, because they didn't render properly. We took some time and fixed the problem. While the improvement in traffic was only marginal, we saw a significant increase in conversions. In addition, Google search results are better now as our site is marked "mobile-friendly".

So, there. Make your site human-frienly, and we'll reward you with more business.